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Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions.

Yes. You can access most of the questions using the Free version, and be able to run the queries. We recommend using the premium version to get the full experience of Dataford - and access all questions and step by step solutions, hands-on course and virtual interviews.

There are so many practicing platforms out there but we believe that Dataford is the best Data Analytics platform to practice for your next interview. Why? Because it was built by an experienced Data Analyst working in FAANG - and include all the steps of the interview process - from building your resume to practicing and learning SQL. It also include 1:1 with expert to up-skill even further. We also include non-technical questions which are not in most platform to get a full prep for your next data interview. Oh yes, and our interface is awesome!

Dataford subscription is currently at $19 per month with access to unlimited courses and 100+ SQL interview solutions and virtual interviews. You can get a great discount by choosing the yearly subscription at $7 per month. Prices are subject to change and might vary.

Yes. For those of you having a hard time landing more interviews, we offer a video resume review done by an expert in the industry. We only pick recruiters from large companies with extensive experience. You will receive in 3-4 business days a review in video of your own resume with actionable insights. Pretty cool, huh? You can also set up 1:1 session with recruiters to go over your resume in real time.

It's simple. You sign-up and hit upgrade to access to all the premium perks. The best investment are when we invest in ourself!

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